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Complete rip out services

The foundation of Kingdom Elevators was laid with an objective to offer the best removal service for your elevator that ensures safe and reliable project success.

We do complete rip out services of motor rooms, landing doors and frames, all shaft components – Rails, brackets, wiring, Lift car etc. We conduct rerunning or relocation of mains power, concrete cutting to allow for different dimension doors of new install and supply along with fitment of hoardings to secure doorways after landing doors have been removed. We take everything from site and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

We provide:

  • Tender
  • Scope of work
  • Project planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety work method statements
  • WHS management
  • Waste management

With the aim to surpass client’s expectations, Kingdom Elevators strive to consistently bring excellence in all aspects of project management, planning, removal and clean-up that is cost-effective and on-time.

Kingdom Elevators Services:

  • Removal of all types and variations of elevators/lifts. We cater to the Machine room, Mrl, Hydraulic lifts, Car lifts, wheelchair platforms, stairlifts, and dumbwaiters.
  • Complete removal of all elevator components and wiring from motor rooms and shafts (coming from an installation background we know how to have an elevator shaft ready for a new install and can advise you on any inquiries you may have).
  • Lift pit gear removal.
  • Clearance of all wall and pit surfaces of all fixings to allow a clean surface for a new installation.
  • Removal of hydraulic pistons, hydraulic oil, and oil tanks.
  • Provision and installation of lockable hoardings for safely securing doorways after elevator landing doors have been removed.
  • Installation of Lifting beams or eyes.
  • Running off 3-Phase power for new install company.
  • Concrete cutting.
  • Overall cleanup and waste management.

For all elevator removal and decommissioning service needs, Kingdom Elevators can carry out projects both in the day or at night. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to arrange a survey and get a free quote.